Privacy Policy

Essay Writing Services understands that customers are quite concerned about their private information and project details. We have crafted this Privacy Policy only for those privacy-conscious customers. This document clearly defines how we collect data and why do we collect it. It is advised to every user that they should give this Privacy Policy a good read before sharing their personal information with our team. Performing any action on our site would mean that you have agreed to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information CollectionContact Information

When a customer places an order through our website or reaches out to our support team, we collect information like name, email address, phone number, and other similar data.

Payment Information

Apart from contact information, there is some other highly confidential data that is collected by our team. Credit card details are included in the payment information which are collected when you complete an order.

Essay Writing Services do not use any indirect sources to collect any information from its clients. The direct sources we have mentioned are the only way we collect data from the users.

Cookie Policy

In this digital age, every commercial entity that operates online uses cookies. Essay Writing Services prioritizes customer consent. Therefore, we are open about cookie usage on our website. These digital files help us identify and understand the behaviour of our customers. They are also very important in giving us insights how we can improve and enhance the performance of our website.

IP address, operating system, and other browser information are stored in cookies. They monitor your online activity and tell us about your navigation details. This information is critical for our web analytics. Our only goal is to offer a personalized experience to the customers when they revisit our site.

Cookies are essential for us, but we give more preference to our customers. Users have the option to either accept or deny the cookies, as we have not made any cookies mandatory to access our site.

Data Mishandling

Essay Writing Services like to maintain transparency regarding its policies for data management and data processing. We give complete importance to the privacy of our customers and strive to keep their data safe and secure. We assure all our customers that they do not have to worry about misuse, public disclosure, or illegal access to their data.

It is a promise from the team of Essay Writing Services that we will collect your information only for valid reasons and process it lawfully. The data collection is always in accordance with our business objectives. We give customers a separate ID number so orders can be managed and organized in a better way.